Elissa Sommer, HCM Director, 206-909-0159,
All HCM gifts may be placed in the Commons Mission Box.

LUTHERAN WORLD RELIEF KITS (LWR) - We are collecting items for kits that will be shipped in May. The items you donate are cherished and used by people who take nothing for granted; even a simple bar of new soap is special. Thank you for your help in donating items to put them together.
PERSONAL CARE KITS ITEMS - bath-size towels (light-weight; between 20" x 40" & 27" x 52", dark color); bars of soap (bath-size, 4 to 5 oz.); adult-size toothbrushes in their original packaging.
BABY ITEMS - sizes 6 months - 24 months are: sleepers, gowns, pants, tops, cotton t-shirts/ undershirts, jackets, sweatshirts, hats, socks and receiving blankets. Items should be new or gently used, in good condition with no stains. Flannel fabric can also be donated. Contact Luana Senske with any questions.

FOOD CLOSET NEEDS - Current needs are: paper towels, toilet paper, juice, cereal, ready-to-eat soup, canned fruit, granola bars, peanut butter, and jam. These items can be placed in the Mission Box in the Commons. Perishable items such as meat, milk or butter can also be accepted, but please notify Elissa or bring these items into church office so we can put them in the freezer/refrigerator.

GOD CARES ABOUT YOU! He knows the struggles that you have and He often uses His church to help people. Hope can give assistance with paying a utility bill or other necessary expenses. Our Food Closet is also available to anyone who is stressed financially. You can "shop" for non-perishable foods here for free. For confidential help with either of these services, simply contact Elissa. Thank you to our congregation for faithfully supplying this basic need!

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